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We are one of the leading manufacturer of renewable energy products in india and offer a wide range of solar product which includes solar water heating systems (ETC & FPC), solar photovoltaic lighting, power generation systems and SPV module for residential, institutional & commercial applications.MAS Solar System Solutions include everything you need to design and install high-performance MAS Solar Solutions solar systems that meet the unique needs of your customers.

Solar Panels
solar panels are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality, performance and durability. The grid-tied and off-grid products from Solar system come in a variety of sizes and power, making them suitable for all applications – from a remote power generator to a large-scale power plant. Attractive, affordable options for utilities to provide homeowners with an alternative means of participating in solar, whether they live in a single-family home or multi-unit building.

Solar Mounting Systems
Adaptable, durable, easy installation
MAS Solar Solutions is proud to offer the best mounting solutions on the market with our top quality Sunmodule solar panels; all at a competitive price point. We have mounting solutions available for all projects: residential, commercial, utility, roof top, and ground mount. These best-on-the-market solutions offer time and money saving features, such as pre-assembled components and integrated grounding, to facilitate quick completion of projects built to last.

Inverters & Monitoring
MAS Solar Solutions is proud to offer the best inverters on the market to make a quality Sun-module solar system all at a competitive price point. Solar systems rely on two key components; the modules and the inverter. The solar modules generate DC (direct current) while the electrical devices connected to the grid operate on AC (alternating current). The inverter performs the critical function of converting the DC to AC so that it can be fed into the electrical grid and used to power any electronic equipment.
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MAS Solar Energy Specialization

MAS Solar Solutions specializes in the design and installation of renewable energy AAEAAQAAAAAAAAUnAAAAJGI4YjM3M2MyLTc2ZjktNDg3ZC04MGQ2LWIyOThkYjkzNjdkMAsystems. We provide practical, cost-effective solar solutions for our clients.

Maine Solar Solutions is committed to customer satisfaction. Satisfaction is achieved by installing high quality equipment, following the highest standard of workmanship, maintaining clear communication from initial contact through project completion.

We take a consultative approach to helping clients achieve their goals. From the initial process of explaining available solutions to clear presentation of appropriate technology; we act as your advocate to ensure the successful installation of a system that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Industrial experience and modern technical knowledge, we are able to offer Solar  Service to our prestigious clients. These services are highly appreciated for their timely execution among our clients.

With an aim to maintain the desired industrial standards, these services are imparted by our experienced professionals. Offered services are carried out in compliance with the obligations given by our honored clients.
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